Back-to-basics coffee roasting. Good stuff.

During extraordinary times, we find comfort in the familiar. Few daily rituals are more beloved than the morning — or afternoon, or evening — cup of coffee. And if you’re anything like us, you’re roasting and drinking a lot of coffee right now.

So it got us to thinking: Could this be a good time to share the experience of roasting coffee with people who have never experienced it before?

They’re still delivering mail out there. So if you’re a roaster, consider sharing a bit of your green bean stash with the people you care about. …

RoasTime is Aillio’s proprietary roast profiling software. You can use the software to both monitor and control your roasts on the Aillio Bullet R1. It is 100% free and version 2 is available for Mac, PC, and Linux systems.

Some aspects of roast profiling are counter-intuitive, so if you’ve never had a roast profile explained to you before, it is easy to feel a bit lost when looking at one. With that in mind we’ve created this guide to help get you started. …

Please note: Before you begin to roast coffee on the Bullet R1 V2 you MUST read the manual. This article assumes you’ve already read it and have a grasp of Bullet-specific safety precautions and vocabulary. So if you haven’t already, then please head over to, where you’ll find links to the manual as well as to other Bullet R1 roasting resources such as this one. Also note that the recommended settings given in this article are only for V2 Bullets. V1 and V1.5 Bullets employ different parts and so behave differently. Contact Aillio for more information.

The roasting process…

Key Links:

The Manual.

RoasTime 3 Download and Quick Guide

Unboxing The Bullet R1

Bullet R1 Dos and Donts.

How to Roast Great Coffee on the Bullet R1

How To Use RoasTime


The Roast.World Community


Thank you for purchasing the Bullet R1 V2. We created this page especially for new owners, but all Bullet owners can benefit from the information provided here. In fact, it might be a good idea to bookmark — we promise that we will keep it updated with useful info on how to get the most out of your Bullet R1 experience.


Our New Infrared Bean Temperature Sensor (IBTS) is poised to forever change the way you roast.

The new IBTS

Aillio’s Taipei office is near the main train station, a part of town rife with vendors selling electronic components. Capacitors, diodes, resistors, transistors — all can be bought at any number of stores just across the street. Needless to say, as our CEO and resident Geek-In-Charge, Jonas Lillie is a frequent visitor to these little shops.

And so when, on a rather humdrum weekday winter afternoon, Jonas quietly slipped out of the office to purchase a tiny 5v fan no bigger than a dime, I didn’t think much of it. The incessant whirring of the 3d printer behind my head…

An Improved Induction Board Means A Better Coffee Roaster

The original proof of concept for the Bullet R1’s induction board

Nearly a half-decade ago, Jonas Lillie built a proof-of-concept for an induction-powered coffee roaster by ripping the guts out of a induction stove and shoving it in a box. It was an encouraging start — and the beginning of an incredible amount of work.

It takes considerable effort to produce a working prototype from a simple idea. But it is far more difficult to take that prototype and then develop a finished product ready for market. Startups around the world will sympathize when we say that the problems never end. …

Follow these rules for raising a happy, healthy roaster, so that you may enjoy many years of wonderful coffee…

Do use the RoasTime software.

Of course, roast profiles can be very helpful for visualizing what is going on in the drum, making them a valuable ally in the never-ending quest for the perfect cup. But in addition to generating profiles, RoasTime is also essential for maintaining the health of your roaster.

In the event that something goes wrong, the debugging information RoasTime provides can help us quickly diagnose the problem. Without that information, it is sometimes impossible to troubleshoot issues. With that in mind, we…


Proud manufacturers of the Bullet R1 coffee roaster.

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