How To Use RoasTime 2

How Do I Get Started?

If you haven’t already, create an Aillio ID to use with RoasTime by clicking “Sign up here.”
Click here to add your beans!
Here you can search for an existing bean, or create it within Roast.World database yourself.

Preheating the Bullet

Charging the Bullet R1

Roasting Mode in RT2: Roast Profile Creation

A second bean temperature reading!
What are you doing? Exactly this.
Changes to Power, Fan, or Drum settings are logged here on a Control Settings Timeline
Time Since First Crack, Development Percentage, Delta Temperature, and Time Since Second Crack.
Mark Your Roast Events Here!

Reading Your Roast Profile

A typical Roast Profile

Your Roast History

Click me to view your Roast History!
From here you can view the full roast profile, or select this profile to overlay or playback.

Other Features… (How Do I…?)

The Overlay and Playback Features are accessible both when viewing or previewing a profile. The edit option is only available when viewing a profile you created.




Proud manufacturers of the Bullet R1 coffee roaster.

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Proud manufacturers of the Bullet R1 coffee roaster.

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