How To Use RoasTime 2

How Do I Get Started?

If you haven’t already, you will need to download and install RoasTime 2 (RT2). Head to and select the version that is right for your computer. When you install the software, be sure that your Bullet R1 is plugged in, in off mode, and that it is connected to your Mac or PC via the micro-USB behind the control panel.

If you haven’t already, create an Aillio ID to use with RoasTime by clicking “Sign up here.”
Click here to add your beans!
Here you can search for an existing bean, or create it within Roast.World database yourself.

Preheating the Bullet

Set a preheat temperature on the control panel of your Bullet R1, and either press the PRS button on the control panel or press the “Start Preheating” button on RT2.

Charging the Bullet R1

To “charge” the roaster means to put the beans in it. There are two ways for the Bullet to enter Charge mode: automatically and manually. The Bullet will automatically enter charge mode once the target preheat temperature is met and the Bean Temp ROR stabilizes, or after the roaster has been preheating for a minimum of 25 minutes.

Roasting Mode in RT2: Roast Profile Creation

Once you begin roasting coffee, RT2 will begin recording the bean temperature and other data and milestones across the timeline of the roast. Everything will be logged and plotted in real time. Taken together, this is your ‘Roast Profile’.

A second bean temperature reading!
What are you doing? Exactly this.
Changes to Power, Fan, or Drum settings are logged here on a Control Settings Timeline
Time Since First Crack, Development Percentage, Delta Temperature, and Time Since Second Crack.
Mark Your Roast Events Here!

Reading Your Roast Profile

As briefly mentioned above, a Roast Profile is a graph of bean temperature over time. It is in many ways the bread and butter of data-driven coffee roasting, but if you’ve never seen one before it may appear a little confusing. Let’s break it down for you.

A typical Roast Profile

Your Roast History

Once you’ve finished a roast, it will appear in your roast history. You can access this screen by clicking the Roast History menu icon on the top left in RT2 :

Click me to view your Roast History!
From here you can view the full roast profile, or select this profile to overlay or playback.

Other Features… (How Do I…?)

Overlay a Profile

The Overlay and Playback Features are accessible both when viewing or previewing a profile. The edit option is only available when viewing a profile you created.



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