The Do’s and Don’ts of Roasting on the Bullet R1

Do use the RoasTime software.

Do update your firmware in RoasTime.

Do remember to empty the chaff collector.

Do not roast without the chaff collector.

Do remember to clean the chaff filter.

Do not roast without the bean chute plug.

Do not roast with the tryer removed.

Do not roast in an extreme environment.

Do not roast in a windy environment.

Do not yank on the power cord or the cooling fan cord.

Do stir the beans in the cooling tray.

Do not plug-in the extra connector on the power PCB/induction board.

Do not touch (or otherwise mishandle) the wrong side of the IR glass.

(Serial Numbers 001–1424 ONLY)

Do not clean the IR glass with abrasive pads or sandpaper.

(Serial Numbers 001–1424 ONLY)

Do not remove the air duct for cleaning.

Do not soak the impeller in cafiza/espresso cleaner for a long time.

Do use a high-quality shielded USB data cable.

Do not assume machine is a set-it-and-forget-it toy.

Do take advantage of the community.




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