The Start of Something…

Our New Infrared Bean Temperature Sensor (IBTS) is poised to forever change the way you roast.

The new IBTS

Death to the Old Ways?

An X-ray photograph of the first batch of bean temperature probes Aillio ordered. We weren’t happy with the variations in thickness — a common issue with traditional probes — and had to ask our supplier to remake them. We later distributed the new probes to our pre-order customers for free.

Enter Infrared.

Jonas having a Halloween laugh with the office infrared camera
A typical round germanium glass

About that cake…

Algorithmic Gymnastics or “How to stick the landing.”

One of the first captures of (mostly) raw IR data
300g — Traditional Bean Probe FC Temp: 165.9 / IBTS FC Temp: 204.3 (
1000g — Traditional Bean Probe FC Temp: 193.6 / IBTS FC Temp: 207 (

Toward the future.

Proud manufacturers of the Bullet R1 coffee roaster.

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