The Start of Something…

Our New Infrared Bean Temperature Sensor (IBTS) is poised to forever change the way you roast.

The new IBTS

Death to the Old Ways?

An X-ray photograph of the first batch of bean temperature probes Aillio ordered. We weren’t happy with the variations in thickness — a common issue with traditional probes — and had to ask our supplier to remake them. We later distributed the new probes to our pre-order customers for free.

Enter Infrared.

Jonas having a Halloween laugh with the office infrared camera
A typical round germanium glass

About that cake…

After our first roast with Jonas’s prototype, we immediately checked the sensor for any signs of dirt or grime. It was spotless, and that gave us the green light to put the new infrared system through its paces. We roasted different batch sizes (from 150g to 1.2kg) and different bean types (from chaff-happy fruity Ethiopians to chocolatey Papua New Guinea peaberries). We roasted them Cinnamon-light and Charbucks-dark and everything in between. We cycled fan settings, drum speeds, and roast times. We threw everything at it that we could, everything we imagined our users might do.

Algorithmic Gymnastics or “How to stick the landing.”

Of course, the work didn’t end there. We began making adjustments to the emissivity to more accurately reflect real first crack bean temperatures. That, in turn, skewed our drum temperature readings. We had to rewrite the firmware to allow us to increase our preheat temperature setting to account for the change.

One of the first captures of (mostly) raw IR data
300g — Traditional Bean Probe FC Temp: 165.9 / IBTS FC Temp: 204.3 (
1000g — Traditional Bean Probe FC Temp: 193.6 / IBTS FC Temp: 207 (

Toward the future.

The new IBTS is a technological step-forward that we believe will open new windows into the coffee roasting process. We’re so happy to share this with Bullet R1 owners — both present and future. Honestly, we feel downright giddy just thinking about what you all will do with it.



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